Specialized portfolio of products and services for the contemporary hotel business

Especially for tourism businesses operating in a constantly evolving and demanding environment, “G. Maroulis Bros. SA” offers complete services and a wide range of alternatives that meet precisely the needs of each hotel complex.

For the modern Greek hotel business our company offers guaranteed solutions since we have:

  • Valuable experience in completing big scale projects since 1997
  • Experienced executives with experience in designing big scale projects
  • Excellent knowledge of the hotel industry
  • Category of products suitable for hotels
  • Two exhibition centers in Nea Ionia and Metamorfosi where you can see our products
  • A wide variety of solutions and combinations that can meet any design you desire
  • Possibility of a sales consultant to visit the project
  • Comprehensive proposal for removal and installation throughout Greece

Contact today with “G. Maroulis Bros. SA” and discover the ideal partner who can ensure the most flexible and efficient transformation of your hotel establishment into a business with a distinct identity and attractive aesthetics for every guest.