Ancient Greek building art offers an advantage to modern architecture.

Cement screed, known since the era of the Cycladic civilization, today acquires new value in architecture, thanks to its unique advantages such as high durability, perfect waterproofing, damage protection and of course the ecological composition of the material. In fact, it concerns the traditional way of constructing a surface with constant press of the material (usually white cement, hydrated lime, acrylic resin and quartz) until the desired design and shape are obtained.

In “G. Maroulis Bros S.A.”, our experience in construction and cooperation with specialized technical crews, allows us to offer applications of cement screed in all its versions, in all the desirable shades and throughout the construction, such as:

  • Floor, wall of bathroom with 100% waterproof coating
  • Seamless Floors
  • Indoor or outdoor staircases
  • Walls, kitchen countertops and sinks
  • Fireplaces
  • Durable floors and walls
  • Built-in outdoor and indoor furniture

Contact us and see how we can implement the cement screed application that you want for your space.