The reliable and guaranteed choice for a better home and an even more beautiful life

The Company “G. Maroulis Bros S.A.”, with 45 years of dynamic presence, is today one of the top names in the industry of tile and sanitary ware in Greece.

With modern and contemporary exhibition centers it is able to answer with a variety of products and integrated services the needs of a multidimensional clientele, such as:

  • Individuals with new constructions or renovations
  • Hotel businesses
  • Professionals of the construction industry

Thanks to our specially selected collaborations with the most famous and renowned companies, every choice you have in “G. Maroulis Bros S.A.” is characterized by guaranteed durability and quality design.

The highlights of a course full of constant evolution and creativity.


Michalis, Yiannis and Vasilis Maroulis set up the company, with the first shop at Evelpidon Street and the main object is the disposal of a wide range of construction materials (from plumbing to tiles and sanitary ware).


Within the first 5 years of operation of the company, the name “Maroulis” becomes synonymous of quality and variety at the wall and floor tile.


The company develops and continues its dynamic presence in Attica by creating its own exhibition center in


The second privately-owned exhibition center of the company starts operating in Attica, in the area of the Olympic Stadium on Kymis Avenue.


“G. Maroulis Bros S.A.” extends its activities to Crete, with the creation of an exhibition in the city of Heraklion and aiming at the rapidly growing local hotel activity on the island.


The company’s exhibition center in Metamorfosi, expands to create a set of covered surfaces over 10,000 square meters and since then operates as a vertical unit, with central warehouses and exhibition.


In April 2008, the new exhibition area of the company was inaugurated in Pallini, on the axis of Attiki Odos, reinforcing its presence in the developing eastern suburbs.